Lord, teach us to pray or, the only Teacher

“And it came to pass that while He was praying in a certain spot, that when He halted, one of His disciples said to Him, ‘Lord, teach us to pray.'” — Luke 11:1.

Christ’s disciples had been present during His prayer times and had witnessed it. They had come to some understanding of the connection between the magnificent life that He led in public and the private life that he led of prayer and meditation. They had been taught to have faith in Him as a Master in the practice of prayer because none of them could pray as effectively as He could pray. As a result, they went to Him with a request, “Lord, teach us on how to pray.” And after many years, they would have shared with us that His lessons on prayer were among the most amazing and blessed things that He taught them.

And now, still, it happens, as He is praying in a particular spot, that disciples who see Him so engaged feel the need to repeat the same request: “Lord, teach us to pray.” The more mature we become in our walk with Christ, the more valuable the idea of the Loving Lord and faith in His unfailing intercession become to us. When confronted with the unknowable, the possibility of sharing Christ’s role as intercessor becomes more appealing. And as we observe Him praying, and as we are reminded that there is none who can pray like Him, and none who can teach like Him, we come to the realization that the request of the disciples, “Lord, teach us to pray,” is exactly what we require. And as we reflect on all that He is and possesses, how He is uniquely ours, and how He is our very own life, we are reassured that all we need to do is ask for it. He will be overjoyed to draw us closer to Himself and to teach us to pray in the same manner in which He prays.

Come, my brothers! Should we not go to the Blessed Master and beg Him to enroll our names in that school, which He always makes sure to maintain open for those who choose to continue their education in the divine arts of prayer and intercession? Yes, let us speak to the Master, as they did in the past, “Lord, teach us to pray,” as we are doing right now. As we sit in silence and reflection, we will discover that every word of the plea we bring contains a wealth of significance.

Lord, teach us in the discipline of prayer! The answer is to pray. This is the knowledge that we need to learn. Even the youngest and most inexperienced children are capable of beginning the practice of praying, despite the fact that prayer is so easy to do. Prayer is simultaneously the highest and holiest work to which man can rise. It is fellowship with the Most Holy of One, the Invisible One. It now has access to all of the powers that are available in the everlasting world. It is the very heart of genuine faith, the pathway to all benefits, the key to obtaining power and the source of life. It is to pray that God has given us the right to take hold of Him and His strength, not just for ourselves but also for other people, the Church, and the world. The promises await their fulfillment in prayer, as does the arrival of the kingdom, and the glory of God waits for its full revelation in prayer. And yet, for this amazing work, we are so inadequate and weak. Only with the power of God’s Spirit will we be able to do what has to be done. So quickly we are tricked into only resting in the form while the strength is lacking in it. Our early education, the teaching of the Church, the impact of habit, and the stirring of the emotions — how readily all of these lead to prayer, which possesses no spiritual force and is of limited benefit. Who wouldn’t be moved to tears by the power of genuine prayer, which taps into the might of God, which accomplishes much, and before which the gates of heaven are thrown wide open? Oh, if someone would teach me to pray in such a way!

Jesus has established a school in which those of His redeemed people who sincerely desire to learn how to pray effectively can learn from Him. Should we not come to you with our supplication, Lord! Exactly this is what we need to have explained to us! Teach us how to pray!

Please, Lord, teach us on how to pray. Yes, us. Lord. We have read in Thy Word of the power that Thy believing people in the past had to pray, as well as the amazing wonders that were done in response to their prayers. And if this happened during the time of the Old Covenant, which was the time of preparation, how much more so will you not now, in these days of fulfillment, offer Thy people this unmistakable sign of Thy presence in their midst? We have heard the promises that have been made to Thine apostles concerning the power of praying in Your name. We have witnessed the joyful realization that they had of the truth. We have no doubt that this can be the case for us as well. Even in these modern times, it seems as though we never stop learning about the amazing manifestations of your power that continue to be showered upon individuals who place their complete faith in you. Lord! All of these men share the same passions that we do; teach us to pray in the same way. All of the blessings and energies that come from the heavenly realm are ours, as are the promises. Show us how to pray so that we might experience an abundance of blessings. You have handed your task to us, and just as the arrival of your kingdom is dependent on our prayers, so too may you bring glory to your name via our prayers; “Lord, teach us to pray.”  Lord; we present ourselves as learners; we would very much want to be instructed by Thee, “Lord, teach us how to pray.”

Please, Lord, teach us on how to pray. We do believe that we are at a point in time where we need to be taught in how to pray. At first, no work seems to be so simple; ultimately, none that is more difficult; and the confession is forced from us. We do not know how to pray as we ought to. Sin has clouded our understanding to the point where we are unable to always put the teachings of the Bible into practice, despite the fact that we do have the Word of God, which is filled with unmistakable and solid promises. When it comes to matters of the spirit, we only occasionally look for the things that are absolutely necessary or neglect to pray in accordance with the laws of the sanctuary. When it comes to material goods, we have a far more difficult time making use of the magnificent freedom that our Father has bestowed upon us to inquire about what we need. And even when we are aware of the specific things to pray for, we may still be unsure of how much effort is required for our prayers to be heard. It must be done for the glory of God, in total submission to His will, with unwavering confidence in one’s faith, in the name of Jesus, and with a tenacity that, if necessary, refuses to be denied. This entire thing needs to be learned. That is something that can only be learned in the school of much prayer because practice is what makes perfect. In the midst of the agonizing awareness of one’s own ignorance and unworthiness, the divine art of effective prayer is discovered through the fight between trusting and doubting one’s own sincerity. Because even when we “do not remember it, there is One, the Beginner and Finisher of faith and prayer, who watches over our praying and sees to it that in all who trust Him for it, their education in the school of prayer shall be carried on to perfection. Let the profound undercurrent of all of our prayers be the teachableness that stems from recognizing our own level of ignorance and having faith that God is the ultimate instructor. We can be certain that we will be taught. We will acquire the ability to pray in power. Indeed, we are able to rely on it. He teaches us the practice of praying.

Please, Lord, teach us on how to pray. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can teach like Jesus, which is why we come to Him and say, “Lord, teach us how to pray.” A student requires a teacher that is well-versed in their subject matter, possesses the ability to impart knowledge to others, and is able to demonstrate compassion and understanding while adapting their instruction to the specific requirements of their students. May God’s name be praised! Jesus is all of these things and much, much more. He is aware of the meaning of prayer. Jesus models prayer for us by always communicating with the Father in this way. He is aware of the meaning of prayer. It was during the suffering and shedding of tears that He acquired this knowledge during His time on earth. That is still the most cherished creation of His in heaven. Prayer is the center of his life. It brings Him the greatest joy to discover people whom He can bring with Him into the presence of the Father, whom He can empower with the ability to pray that God’s blessing be bestowed on those around them, and whom He can instruct to be His fellow workers in the intercession through which the kingdom is to be revealed on earth. Nothing makes Him happier than this. He is an excellent teacher. First, by the urgency of a need that is felt, and secondly by the confidence that joy instills. Here by the instruction of the Word, there by the witness of another believer who has firsthand experience of what it is like to have prayer answered. Because of His Holy Spirit, God is able to penetrate our hearts and teach us how to pray by either pointing us the sins that get in the way of our prayers or assuring us that our prayers are pleasing to God. He teaches us not only by providing ideas of what to ask for or how to ask for it, but also by instilling within us the very spirit of prayer and by living within us in the capacity of the Great Intercessor. We are able to ask, “Who else teaches like He does?” with utmost happiness. Prayer was the only spiritual discipline that Jesus ever instructed His disciples about. He did not spend much time discussing the requirements for effective preaching but rather focused on effective prayer. Learning to communicate with a guy is a much smaller step than mastering the art of talking to God. It is not power with men that is most important, but rather power with God. Jesus delights in imparting prayer instruction to his disciples.

What do you think, oh my dearly loved fellow believers! Would it not be exactly what we need if we asked the Master to teach us the art of prayer through a special course that would last for a whole month? Let us, as we reflect on the words that He spoke while He was on earth, submit ourselves to His instruction with the utmost faith that we will make achievements with a teacher of such caliber. Let us set aside some time to reflect, pray, and linger at the throne of God in order to prepare ourselves for the task of intercession. Let us do so with the knowledge that even though we stutter and have concerns, He continues His work in the most wonderful manner. When He makes us partakers of His righteousness and life, He will also breathe His own life, which is comprised entirely of prayer, into us. Also, He will work through His mediation. We will take part in His priestly ministry of interceding and prevailing with God on behalf of men because we are members of His body and because we are a holy priesthood. Yes, let us admit with the greatest gladness that we are ignorant and weak, and ask the Lord to teach us how to pray.

“Lord, teach us to pray.”

Blessed Lord! who ever livest to pray, Thou canst teach me too to pray, me too to live ever to pray. In this, Thou lovest to make me share Thy glory in heaven, that I should pray without ceasing and ever stand as a priest in the presence of my God.

Lord Jesus! I ask Thee on this day to include my name on the list of those who acknowledge that they are unable to pray as they ought to. I especially pray You provide me with a class that teaches me how to pray. Lord! Show me how to linger with Thee in the classroom so that I can give Thee the opportunity to instruct me. May a profound awareness of my ignorance, of the wonderful privilege and power of prayer, and of the necessity of the Holy Spirit in his role as the Spirit of prayer prompt me to forsake the things I believe I know and instead bring me to my knees before Thee in a spirit that is truly teachable and poor in spirit.

Also, Lord, fill me with the assurance that I will learn to pray with a teacher like you because you are such a good example. I will not be terrified because I know that I have Jesus as my teacher. Jesus constantly prays to the Father, and the outcomes of His Church and the world are determined by the prayers that Jesus prays. as much as I require to understand the secrets surrounding the world of prayer. You are going to make it clear to me. And even if I don’t understand, you will instruct me to have unwavering faith so that I can give God the praise.

Praise be to the Lord! You will not bring dishonor to thy scholar who trusts in thee, and by thy grace, he will not bring dishonor to thee either. Amen

Revised and Updated by Nathan Zipfel
March 2023


  • Nathan Zipfel

    Ordained Elder in the Church of the Nazarene Pastor of the New Life Church of the Nazarene in Boswell, PA. Batchelor of Arts Pastoral Leadership, Nazarene Bible College Master of Arts, Ministry, Ohio Christian University Master of Social Work, Indiana Wesleyan University Behavioral Health Therapist, Certified Trauma Professional

By Nathan Zipfel

Ordained Elder in the Church of the Nazarene Pastor of the New Life Church of the Nazarene in Boswell, PA. Batchelor of Arts Pastoral Leadership, Nazarene Bible College Master of Arts, Ministry, Ohio Christian University Master of Social Work, Indiana Wesleyan University Behavioral Health Therapist, Certified Trauma Professional

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